The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman Announces 2010 Destination


In this interview from, The Sartorialist’s founder Scott Schuman explains why he began his blog and what sets his blog apart from other blogs. He also announces where he will be headed to in 2010 to discover street fashion inspiration. Let’s just say it may have something to do with “Asian persuasion.”

Follow the link to find out: Big Think Interview with Scott Schuman

Kaleidoscope updates

Hi everyone!  This is Justina, your new blog editor!  I’m very excited to be in this position, and we have a lot of plans for the blog, so keep posted!

A few updates:

  • Our summer issue is out now!  Pick up a copy at the Union, Davis, the UL, or Carroll.
  • Check out our events calendar on the right!  You won’t want to miss any of the excitement!
  • We’ve added a few widgets to the sidebar to hopefully improve navigability – let us know what you think!
  • Don’t forget about us over the summer – our writers will still continue to provide the latest fashion and campus news

Maria Ward: The Girl Behind the Blog

The girl behind the blog:

I LOVE fashion. Surprise, surprise, right? : )

I believe fashion can take you anywhere. Slip on a LBD and you’re Audrey Hebpurn. Step in to some sky-high heels and you’re Marilyn Monroe. Or, button up in a chic blazer and slacks and you’re Marlene Dietrich. The possibilities are endless. Fashion can lend you an air of confidence and sophistication. It can make you feel glamorous and sexy.

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fashion HERstory

Do you have a piece of clothing, an accessory, or body adornment that you just have to wear everyday? Have you ever found that staple item for your wardrobe that just seems to go well with everything? I know i can’t live without my white gold diamond heart studs–and if it counts, I have to have a pedicure.

In cultures around the world , I’ve noticed that women have embodied the customs of their culture, and past rituals have become today’s fashion statements.

I know in places like India the Bindi was once worn on the forehead as a “mystic third eye,” or a social symbol such as a wedding band. But today, not just married women have taken up this beautiful “accessory,” and the simple red dots have been replaced with colorful gems and jewels.

Indian Bindi
Indian Bindi

I would totally rock one of these for fun.

In Europe and America lockets were given during the Victorian Era as condolences to those who had lost a loved one. Today, giving a living love one a token of your appreciation in the form of a locket or charm is so romantic.

First-year Bella Cochrane sports two beautiful charms on her necklaces that, after wearing them for so long, have become a part of her. I would guess that whoever gave them to her is someone very special 🙂

UNC Bella Cochrane UNC Bella Cochrane's Necklaces

So whether your everyday fashion consists of beautiful gems placed on your skin, or a simple necklace or locket, or even a black- tee (Simon Cowell), those pieces may define who you are, or what you stand for, so go ahead, rock ’em!

shopbop 4 Life

I’m OBSESSED. I can’t help it; I look through shopbop everyday, in every class, at all times. My name is Elizabeth Graper and I stalk shopbop. I believe that clothes are an expression of who you are, however, in my opinion you can never have too many personalities. I love to dress up but I also like to be comfortable and casual. Whether the style is girly, rock n’roll, flower power, or grunge, I love clothes.

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Katie Wood: Getting to Know Me

Name: Katie Wood

Occupation: I am a freshman without a major, lost in the haze, struggling with this idealized world of me becoming a graduate of the Kenan Flagler Business School. Do I hate the idea of an office high atop a skyscraper off Park Avenue blocks away from the Saks and Bergdorf Goodman of 5th Avenue? Absolutely not. But honestly, I can never see myself crunching numbers all day or running to get my boss coffee from the Starbucks across the street. What I enjoy is writing, but as my dad says, “There is no money in journalism these days!” At the present time, I will stay undecided.

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Michelle Bellamy: Gettin’ Started

I’m extremely excited about Kaleidoscope’s new electronic direction that it is taking. I think this blog will truly be a great way to get our name out there on campus, and to give each stylist another opportunity to show our stuff! My name is Michelle Bellamy and I have been on Kaleidoscope’s staff since the beginning of the ‘08-‘09 school year.

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