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Seven Jeans, True Religion, I say no but they keep givin’ – Fergie

Jealous? For those of us who feel an almost unhealthy connection to these lyrics, this blog is for you. If you’re merely trying to catch up on the latest denim trends, trying to find a new way to wear your fave pair, or even attempting to justify purchasing another one of these babies, this blog will more than help you out. Started by Jennine Jacob, previously a writer for The Coveted, this blog covers all bases concerning the ever popular trend of denim. Through this blog, Jacob consistently proves that jeans aren’t just for tee shirts anymore.

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Lessons in Man Repelling

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It is an uncomfortable fact of fashion, oft-ignored by Chloe and Chanel-clad fashionistas everywhere, that men are regularly puzzled, if not downright repulsed, by our sartorial selections. Gush as we may over each others’ harem pants and Art Deco jewelry, the y-chromosome-bearing segment of the population remains unimpressed with trends that are not mini or body-conscious. And while most of the fashion set pretends not to notice the chilly response most men have to Carrie Bradshaw’s brand of chic, blogger Leandra Medine has gleefully embraces her for-the-girls style. Medine, a New York-based fashion junkie with a penchant for Maison Martin Margiela, proudly proclaims herself (via blog title) the Man Repeller, a label she swears is a good thing. After all, a date lasts a few hours; vintage Dior is forever. The blog, which features photos of Medine in various ‘repelling’ (read: fabulous) outfits, also provides hilarious tongue-in-chic commentary on both men and fashion. Alexander Wang is “birth control”; Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture collection “would make…Rupaul obscenely proud”. The Man Repeller has quickly become my newest obsession, both for Medine’s sarcasm and for her truly fierce fashion. Check out the site and follow Medine’s directive to start repelling!

Study Break Materials

In the library all day? Pulling an all-nighter this week? Well if you’ve de-activated your Facebook and sworn off Twitter, you’re going to definitely want to check out these blogs to have something to distract you from exam season. Happy procrastinating!

A 13-year-old fashion genius who uses this description in her About Me:

“Wears batman capes and oversized hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo’s doorsteps and serenades her in rap. I wish I was Daria but I get too excited about things like candy to be deadpan all the time.”

She laps me in the cool factor about 1200 times as a middle-schooler.


I have no idea why, but I’ve been slightly obsessed with reading about Julia Allison’s life for about 3 years now. Her lifecast blog always has pictures and posts of the hippest new fashions…especially if they’re pink.

A blog with boys, fashion AND music?! Yes please.

Looking for fashion inspiration?

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Or just a source of procrastination while studying for finals?…Check out! With tons of gift suggestions, style posts, and a closet to shop from, Who What Wear has everything a fashionista could ask for! There is even a section entirely devoted to celebrity style– not only do they follow the trends, but all of the outfits are identified for your own purchase and discussed by the stylists! Curious how to rock something new and exciting? Check out their ‘Ask a Stylist’ section for expert fashion advice! Bored of all of your usual online shopping sites? Check out WWW’s Love section with tons of links to great sites like,,, and! Happy searching!

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Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Tight on cash this season?  We’ve found the perfects gifts for the fashionistas on your list- all items $35 or less!

Essie Mini Polish Set

Essie’s winter 2010 collection creates an aura of mystique with a vision of wintery beauty that is darkly decadent and supremely elegant.

This 4 piece mini collection includes these fun hues:  masquerade ball, silken cord, hot coco, going incognito.

Sephora’s Black Studded Makeup Bag Collection

A limited-edition ensemble of fiercely stylish cosmetic bags.  This range of chic makeup bags fuses attitude with function, to hold every aspect of your beauty arsenal. Four sizes and shapes, all featuring black faux leather and edgy studs, will get you organized and accessorized at the same time.

Ruffled Echo Touch Glove

Echo has combined two of their best selling styles from last year to give you the new and improved ruffled Echo Touch glove.  Keep your hands warm while you keep in touch!  Echo Touch gloves are engineered specifically with the new wave of technology in mind.  Adhered to the index finger and thumb of each glove, our eLink fabric interacts with touch screen devices, making them compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other touch sensitive digital devices.  Made of wool blend.

bareMinerals Keychain Kisses

These mini shades contain a healthy infusion of 100% pure bareMinerals and a blend of exotic oils, botanical extracts and protective antioxidants for long-lasting hydration, superior shine and shimmering color – all without any stickiness. Plus, they’re keychain-ready, so you’ll always have your lucky lipgloss at your fingertips.

Studded Scarf Ring

Are you seeking studs? Echo’s studded scarf ring is trend appropriate and also looks great with any casual outfit.


Juliet Sharp: The Newest Member of the Gossip Girl Elite

Anyone who’s tuned into Gossip Girl this season will be familiar with Juliet Sharp, a refreshingly new character in the never-ending New York saga. Juliet, played by Katie Cassidy (of Melrose Place and the recent Nightmare on Elm Street), is a peer of the original characters, half of whom now attend Columbia University. Though they are all underclassmen, Sharp looks considerably older than the others, which makes us wonder if she’s come to Columbia for more than a world-class academic education.

The most intriguing aspect of Cassidy’s character, though, is her style. Sharp is markedly less affluent than her counterparts, and has been seen wearing clothes with tags attached (to return later) and sealing return packages to mail to Rent the Runway. She has worked for Eleanor Waldorf and her clothing line, and relies on a cousin to pay for her tuition.

Gossip Girl stylists have done a great job at mixing expensive and thrifty pieces to create Juliet’s wardrobe. She has worn Topshop clothing in multiple episodes, but has worn a healthy mix of designer pieces as well. Whether or not the clothes were supposed to actually be hers, Juliet has pulled off high-end outfits effortlessly.

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Gothic Grace

Inspired by Natalie Portman’s most recent role in the movie “Black Swan,” in theaters on December 3, 2010, fashion has taken an eerily elegant and slightly gothic turn. Portman plays a veteran ballet dancer amidst the world of New York City ballet in the psychological thriller that has many dark twists and turns. Designers such as Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, Haute Hippie and Club Monaco have incorporated aspects of this macabre film, in the form of prima ballerina tutu-esque skirts, coquettish corset dresses and ostrich-plumed clutches into their most recent fashion lines. I encourage all you fashionistas to take center stage and embrace your inner goth!


With finals approaching and colder days (potentially) looming, it’s easy to fall into a routine of wearing the same look day after day. For me, it’s leggings, riding boots, sweaters and scarves. They keep me warm and looking fairly put together. But from time to time, we all need a little spice in our wardrobes.

Here are some great blogs brimming with fashion ideas of all sorts — from celebrities to your average (but fashionable) Joe.

Garance Doré

For inspiration from French fabulosity, Garance Doré’s blog is a must. Illustrator Garance Doré began her blog in 2006 as a way “to do something more free, more spontaneous.” Full of photos and drawings of the most glorious people, places and things, it’s hard to find something on Doré’s blog that doesn’t inspire. Read it in English, or take a break from your French homework to read the original blog en français. It’s just wonderful. Click on the link above and you’ll see for yourself.

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Fall’s Fiercest Boots

Boots are as quintessentially autumn as apple cider and falling leaves. There is simply no cooler choice in footwear when the weather turns cold, something retailers know all too well – the sheer number of boots in stores this time of year can make it difficult to choose the perfect pair. To help you sort the spectacular from the sub-par, here are some of our picks for the chicest boots this season:

Neutrals, metallics and gem tones….oh my!

While the summer months produced “it” nail varnishes of warm and bright hues to echo the heat of the sunny season, as winter nears, nail polishes are taking an edgy turn. Vamp up your nails this winter season with the hottest trends in nail color. Rock the opulence of a metallic or gem tone for a night out on the town or slick on a couple coats of a neutral shade to match any of your winter swag. These super-sexy shades are sure to catch some attention.  – Kayleigh Winslow