Tips for Combating Winter Skin Woes

With winter right around the corner, it is time to get your new skin care regimen ready! As we all know, the brutally dry winter air can take a toll on your skin; however, there are steps to help prevent and combat dry skin.

Moisturizing is key. Although a great moisturizer should be a staple in your skin care routine year round, it is especially important in the winter months. Dawn Diorio, national trainer and aesthetician for Ahava told ELLE, “”In the winter, you need to add products to your skin-care regime to protect yourself from the harsh elements; if you’re using a normal, lightweight moisturizer, bump it up to a more emollient one.” However, thicker creams do not always hydrate better. In fact, they can actually lock in dead skin cells and leave the skin looking duller. Dermatologists often recommend using a serum under moisturizer to boost absorption. Boscia’s Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C is a great option that has a combination of botanicals and antioxidants to make your skin really glow.

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Another way to keep your skin radiant in the winter is by exfoliating 1 to 3 times a week, depending on how oily your skin is. Contrary to the running myth that exfoliating in the winter can worsen dry patches, using a gentle exfoliant in moderation can help remove dead skin and allow new, moisture-rich cells to move to the surface. Exfoliants that are enzyme-based are gentle and provide great results. Since your body’s skin is less delicate than facial skin, exfoliating 3-5 times a week will help your skin retain moisture and remove dead skin. Fresh Brown Sugar Polish smells wonderful and will keep your skin super soft.

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Protecting your precious pout is also very important. Have you ever felt a waxy film over your lips after using lip balm? If so, you may have been using the wrong kind. Balms that are made out of mineral oil (petroleum jelly) actually create an artificial film over your lips and prevent them from producing natural lipids that keep them moisturized. Instead, find balms that contain natural-oils such as shea or cocoa butter. If lips do get dry and flakey, use a gentle facial exfoliant, or a soft toothbrush, to remove the dead skin.

Regardless of which products you chose to use, protecting your skin during the winter is vital. Pick what works for you and stick with it.


Winter Essentials

Winter has officially settled in here in Chapel Hill, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe should suffer.  In fact, winter gives you even more opportunities to show off the looks and styles you love. Coats, hats, gloves, scarves and layering are all pivotal, not only for staying warm but for staying in style. As tempting as it is to thrown on your sweats and Uggs, which we know are needed at times, don’t waste these next few months of fashion fun! As the temperatures continue to drop, here are some of our favorite winter staples to get you through the season looking your best!

1. echotech Touch Gloves

Gloves are a definite winter necessity. They’re great for finishing off any outfit and they’ll keep your hands warm during those chilly months. But in the age of the smartphone gloves are a hassle. They make texting, using social media sites or apps, and all the other functions that make a smartphone fun near impossible. That is, until Touch Gloves came along.

From the company’s website: “Knit into the index finger and thumb of each glove, our eLink fabric interacts with touch screen devices, making them compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other touch sensitive digital devices.” The gloves come in every imaginable color and style, ranging from wool to cashmere, and with accents like ruffles, color blocking, patterns and bows. Keep your hands nice and warm, without sacrificing form or function!

Available online at:

 2.  Socks & Tights

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you’re limited exclusively to pants for the next few months. Skirts and dresses are still in the game, but if you keep your legs bare you sure won’t be for long.  Tis the season for tights and socks of all kinds- never skip good hosiery! Tights aren’t boring like you may remember from when you were a little girl. Today, they’re one of the best ways to add detail to an otherwise simple outfit. Coming in a variety of patterns and colors, tights can not only keep your legs a bit warmer but also compliment the outfit you’re suffering for.

Sheer black tights are a classic and should be in your wardrobe anyway. However, patterned tights with polka dots or self-made rips can make a basic black skirt and sweater all the more interesting. Socks are also a must, whether in tights and a skirt or a good pair of jeans or trousers. In the drab winter season bright colorful and patterned socks can be a fun way to bring a little light in. A good pair of high socks will also be needed to keep those winter boots up.  A reliatvely new retailer Bootights makes tights with socks attached to the bottom! It’s literally the perfect pair of tights, invest in a pair and see what we mean.

The above socks and tights can be found at:

Bootights are available at:

 3. Hats & Ear Warmers

If you’re having a bad hair day, whether it be due to winter winds or waking up late for class, or you simply need to keep warm, a hat is the clear choice. Even when the gloves and coat come off, a good hat can continue to make a statement in any outfit.  Beanies, berets and ear warmers are all in this season and are sure to keep you nice and warm.

Ear warmers are a great transition for those of us who love headscarves and headbands. They give you the functional benefits of the hat but with a unique twist. They come in a variety of styles and colors, much like their warm weather scarf counterparts, and you can easily find several to wear throughout the season. If hats are more your style, a good beanie or beret in a neutral like grey, black, navy or cream is sure to be a wardrobe staple as the temperature drops. They’re always a cute, comfy addition to any winter outfit. Plus, if your hair didn’t turn out quite right no one will ever know. Perks of the season, if you ask me.

All above products are available at:

 4. Scarves

Scarves are an important part of your wardrobe during any season but it’s during the winter that they take on a whole new meaning. It’s oftentimes hard to find a scarf that can keep you warm in the wind and snow, yet look cute when you’re in class or a meeting and want to look cute without the coat.

Infinity scarves and snoods have been on the rise for the past few years and are now a full on fashion phenomenon. Available in a variety of materials, ranging from cashmere to a chunky wool knit, and every color and size you could need, these scarves a great addition to your cold weather closet. However, when purchasing these be sure you don’t go too big, because yes with scarves there is such a thing and it is to be avoided. If you don’t want a trend and instead a classic winter scarf, there’s lots out there for you! J.Crew has an incredible scarf selection, ranging form affordable wool-angora color block to beautiful cashmere wraps. Find what works best for you and your wardrobe. Be sure to have a variety of both basics and fun prints and patterns- scarves should be fun accent pieces even if they’re there to keep you warm!

All of the scarves seen above are available at:

 5. Parkas & Pea Coats

The most important piece you will buy this winter is the coat. We may be in the south but that doesn’t mean that the walk home from the library at 2 am when you’re cramming for finals won’t feel like a trek across the tundra. Coats are pricey and for sure an investment, but one that is well worth it. Much like a life partner, once you find the perfect coat stop looking and settle down! I’ve found it’s best to have two winter coats- one for everyday and one when you need to dress things up.

The everyday coat should be some sort of parka or down jacket, one that can keep you warm no matter how bad it gets. The tried and true favorite across the board is any and all things North Face. The North Face ‘Metropolis’ Parka, coming in at $320 on Nordstrom’s site, is one of the brands most popular. The down coat with a detachable hood is lightweight but super warm! It also covers your butt- it might sound silly, but long term you’ll be glad you thought about that. Purchasing this coat was one of the best winter choices I’ve made. North Face has other great coats- find what works best for you! In terms of a fun coat for when the down parka seems inappropriate, well that’s up to you and your personal style. Find a coat that fits your personal style but keeps you nice and toasty. A pea coat is a classic choice that will likely work with any outfit for any possible occasion. They can be long or short, but in terms of color it’s best to stick with neutrals. If the coat is quality if will be costly so don’t waste it on a trend you won’t like during next season’s snowstorm.

All of the coats pictured above are available at:

6. Boots

 A good pair of boots is one of the most important things to keep in your closet to survive the winter. You can wear them with jeans, pants and your tights and skirts. Walking through campus it’s clear to see that the knee-high camel leather boot will reign supreme once again this year and with good reason! A classic pair of leather boots will go with any outfit and keep your feet and legs warm no matter the weather. While many of you will likely will have a pair leftover from earlier in the year, it’s a good idea to buy a new pair in the winter.

Soles and heels get worn down, stains are likely to be rampant especially on suede, and the overall quality of the boot has gone down. Not only does this take away  polish from your appearance but from the warmth and protection of the shoe. With all the holiday sales now is the perfect time to get a new pair of boots to get you through the season. Pick a pair you know will work in your everyday wardrobe, but that can be dressed up here and there! Leather is the safest choice, especially with snowfall possible, as it is the most durable. Again, pick a neutral shade that can function with the wardrobe you have but don’t be afraid of fun hardware and accents! Also, don’t just go for the standard calf height boot. Whether they’re knew high, ankle, or calf height boots if they fit your style and the function you need, get em!

All of the above styles can be found at:

Lovely Leather

There is no denying that leather is a force to be reckoned with this season. Paring a leather item with any outfit is an easy way to give your look an edgier touch. While genuine leather is on the pricey side, there are many synthetic leather options that provide you with all the bang for fewer bucks. This trend has also been a huge hit among celebrities. A-list stars such as Beyonce´, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Stewart have all been seen rocking the trend. While you may be thinking that wearing tight leather pants or a tiny leather dress is a little too bold for you, there are a multitude of ways to tweak the trend to fit your personal style. Not a fan of black? No worries, there are plenty leather pieces available in this season’s hottest colors. All in all, leather is extremely versatile and should be a staple in every woman’s closet.

Leather Skirt

While leather skirts are typically seen as nighttime attire, this season feminine pleated option allows you to wear the trend day or night.  If you are looking for a sexier option, pair a leather pencil skirt with a peplum top and you’ve got the perfect mix of sexy and classy.

Leather Dress

When it comes to leather dresses there are a wide variety of options available. For the bolder fashionista, who is not afraid to show off her curves, a bodycon leather dress will be perfect. Those who are more modest may prefer a dress with leather accents.

Leather Pants

Remember liquid leggings? Well, they have been replaced with far more stylish, and breathable, leather pants. These pants will give any outfit a chic and edgy twist.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a classic piece that can easily transform and pull together any look. A fun way to wear this season’s biker jacket is to pair it with ultra feminine dresses and skirts to add contrast to your outfit

Hurricane Sandy: A Model’s Mistake

Hurricane Sandy has wrecked havoc along the Northeast, to the extent that she is known as the largest Atlantic Hurricane on record. The storm caused the deaths of at least eleven people and resulted in power outages and destroyed homes. This kind of chaos is serious, but recently, the story of a model, Hurricane Sandy, and an inappropriately timed photo shoot has become predominant in the news. The model’s name is Nana Gouvea, and she decided to pose with the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy in the backdrop: broken cars, fallen trees, and a stormy sky. Gouvea looks at the camera in a variety of sexily charged positions without apology. The model, whose husband snapped the shots, reportedly likes storms because they give her time to spend with her husband. Her weak excuse for her love of storms, however, has caused instant backlash.

The model poses in all her glory. Photo courtesy of

And understandably so. Many people have called out Gouvea on her lack of sensitivity to the victims of the Hurricane Sandy, as people have lost their lives and their homes. Dissenters of the overwhelmingly negative reactions to the photographs seem to maintain the following mantra: she isn’t hurting anyone, so what’s the big deal? The big deal can be broken down into two main reasons. The first, and most important, is that these photographs represent how desensitized people can become to tragedy. The ability to empathize with others, to feel deeply for someone else’s plight, makes us human. What Gouvea shows, however, is monstrosity. Whether or not she was aware of the implications of her photo shoot at the time, she is essentially re-appropriating an event, a setting of brokenness and loss, so that it becomes a setting for “looking good.” This supreme selfishness and lack of empathy makes the photo shoot monstrous and her actions less than human.

Those affected by Hurricane Sandy wait in line to collect water and food from a center on Coney Island. Photo courtesy of

Secondly, the “big deal” about Gouvea’s photo shoot is the light that in which it portrays the fashion industry. While this was not a photo-shoot done by any professional photographer or created for a magazine, its medium is associated with fashion. Additionally, many newspapers categorized articles concerning the incident as fashion stories. For example, ABC News’ story on Gouvea, “Model Nana Gouvea Uses Sandy Wreckage for Photo Shoot,” was placed under their “Fashion” headline. In light of the negativity that the industry usually generates, this kind of attention is unwanted. Many people view the fashion industry as frivolous, expensive, and almost insular from the rest of the world. And Gouvea’s photographs exemplify this attitude that the fashion industry does not want and frankly cannot afford.

A screen shot of the ABC News story on Gouvea. Photo courtesy of

Saving Face


With round two of midterms upon us and finals only a few weeks away, not to mention all the papers, projects, and quizzes in between, everyone’s beauty routine seems to be taking a beating. Sleepless nights spent in the library not only leave you feeling exhausted but, unfortunately, looking it too. Here’s a few tried-and-true tricks and tips to get you and your face through the final push of the semester.

Your eyes can be one of the hardest hit areas, with dark circles and puffiness appearing rather quickly when your diet consists of only coffee and Red Bull.


For puffiness, make up artist Kristin Gallegos recommends placing spoons in the freezer for ten minutes and holding them under your eye until they’re no longer cold. This early morning home remedy can be an instant remedy, but if you prefer to purchase your under eye fix Garnier’s Anti-Puff Eye Roller Gel is a great choice. Loaded with caffeine and glycerin, and ready to go right when you need it, this product shows fast results when you’re late for class. 



For those pesky dark circles, moisturizing is sure to help. Apply a solid layer of moisturizer in the morning, especially if you put makeup on after, and after you wash your face at night. This is especially important for the ladies- if you’re skin isn’t properly moisturized, any concealing efforts will be in vain. Dry skin means streaky concealer that settles into those fine lines you’ve been building up in the UL, which oftentimes makes dark circles even worse. Allure named Aveeno’s Positively Radiant as their favorite daily moisturizer for regular skin and Olay Professional for those with an oily skin type. Both have SPF 15 or greater, an important feature when protecting your skin long term in any season. 

If you use make up to look alive like so many of us do, there’s a few things to remember. 


Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Set

For your under eye concealer, a yellow tone is best for balancing out the purple tones of dark circles. Using a cream concealer is your best option, Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer is a personal and professional favorite. even oxidized foundation can work. Simply let your foundation sit out for a minute or two, allowing the pigment to concentrate, and a concealer to develop.  Regardless of what concealer you choose to use, if you apply foundation as well make sure you apply it before the concealer. If you apply foundation after, you simply wipe away all the work you’ve done with the concealer. Afterwards, seal it all with a translucent powder to ensure it stays on through the day.




Brightening up your skin with make up is easy and brings back a freshness to your face. White eyeliner in your eye’s inner corner brings anyone back from the dead. Simply apply it to the inner corner, but be sure to blend it slightly with your finger or a brush, and instantly open up your eye making your eyes look bigger and you more awake. When picking a liner, choose your normal brand and one you know works best for you. A pencil is best for this purpose. 


MAC ‘Mineralize’ Skinfinisher in “Lightscapade”

Highlighters, bronzers and blushes are another great tool for waking up your skin. For those of us with fair skin, a light highlighter with some shimmer, such as MACs Mineralizer Skinfinisher, placed on the cheeks and nose can draw light to all the right places. Bronzer’s and blushes can both brighten and bring some color to your skin, so choose what option works best for you! However, with the recent chilly weather a natural flush is practically guaranteed. 


Lip color is another great option- any way to bring color to your face can help you to look healthier and more awake. Keep your face neutral, beyond your highlighter and brightened eyes, by leaving out heavy liners and shadows and in place do a bright pink or coral lipstick or stain. Choose the brand that works best for you, it’s all about what’s quick, easy, and comfortable for you. Notice how people always add that you look pale when they say you look sick or tired? Bring a little color into the equation and you’ll see a difference.

The best way to look healthy, however, is to be healthy! School is important but so is your health and well-being, so make sure you get at least some sleep, try to eat well and make sure to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated and as well rested as you can during these stressful weeks leading up to December is your best bet at looking, and far more importantly, feeling your best. Your skin will thank you, trust me. But as they say, you gotta fake it ‘til you make it. Until you can spend a solid month in bed at home over break, use these tricks to get by! 


American Apparel Receives Backlash for ‘Sandy Sale’

American Apparel is no stranger to controversy, and their new advertisement has landed the company back in hot water. Tuesday night while Hurricane Sandy was terrorizing the East coast, American Apparel sent out an email blast offering customers in the 9 states affected the worst 20 percent off their purchases for the next 36 hours. “In case you’re bored during the storm,” the ad leads off with, “Just enter SANDYSTORM at Checkout.”

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Due to the severity of the storm, it is understandable why, to some, the advertisement came off as extremely insensitive. People quickly took to Twitterverse to express their frustrations. compiled a few of the negative tweets:

Hey @americanapparel people have died and others are in need. Shut up about your #Sandy… (via @whitneyhess)

— Christine Lu (@christinelu) October 30, 2012

As if sexualized ads and harassment lawsuits weren’t enough for a boycott, @americanapparel sent out a “hurricane Sandy sale” mail. Ugh.

— Leigh Honeywell (@hypatiadotca) October 30, 2012

Really @americanapparel? Sandy Sale email blast? really? The lowest of low. RT this if you are…

— David Honig (@davehonig) October 30, 2012

Despite the criticism, the company insists that the email came from a good place, and that no harm was intended. An American Apparel spokesperson told that the motivation for the ad, “is that retail stores are the lifeline of a brand like ours so when they are closed, we need to come up with ways to make up for that lost revenue. People forget how expensive it is to run a Made in USA brand like American Apparel and if we made a mistake here it came from the good place of trying to keep the machine going–for the sake of our employees and stakeholders.”

Although American Apparel has received the most backlash, they were not the only company that tried to capitalize on the storm. Gap and Saks Fifth Avenue both encouraged bored twitter followers to visit their websites. Gap later deleted the tweet and clarified their intentions via twitter.


Image courtesy of

With the death toll still rising in the aftermath of Sandy, people have not responded positively to companies that tried to profit while others were suffering. However, in all likelihood, there were many people who appreciated and used American Apparel’s discount. But does that make it right? You decide.


Street Style: Amaretto Chic

Name: Kay Rufty
Year: Senior
Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Concentration: Applied Mathematics major

Autumn weather is finally here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a fun color palette.  Instead of rich colors that parallel the autumn foliage, Kay decided to take a lighter approach and incorporate cool tones and neutrals into her outfit.  Her long-sleeved powder blue tee from Forever 21 paired with her grey skinny jeans from Delia’s created a solid and subtle combination.  The juxtaposition of such a soft shade of blue and the light grey provides a feel of gentleness.  On her feet, Kay wore a pair of desert boots with a dusty quality from Forever 21.  In terms of accessories, she flourished her outfit with a Chinese scarf that she received as a gift from her best friend and a watch necklace that her grandma gave her.  The scarf displays a collection of colors: white, cerulean, gold, and midnight blue.  The necklace is not only fashionable; it’s functional.

Kay describes her personal style as comfortable and simplistic.  Whenever she goes shopping, she looks for versatile pieces that will work with a variety of outfits.  She prefers clothing that accentuates a woman’s figure, without being blatantly sexual.  Shapes and cuts of clothing are more important to her than patterns.  When it comes to accessorizing, Kay gets to choose from a collection of unique pieces of jewelry that she inherited from her grandmother.

When I asked Kay about her favorite trends, she told me that she loves the androgynous look: pieces and outfits that both men and women can wear.  Unless the situation called for it, you would never catch Kay wearing a dress.  Being simple, comfy, and androgynous, jeans are Kay’s best friend.  That goes to show that fashion knows no gender.

5 Fun Fall Date Ideas

When it comes to autumn, it is safe to say that love is in the air. With the leaves changing colors and the temperature dropping, there is no better time to create memories with that special someone. Whether you two have been together for years or are in that awkward “getting to know you stage”, this season has a variety of perfect dates.

Fright Night!

With Halloween right around the corner, go get spooked with your sweetie! Instead of opting for the run-of-the-mill scary movie, be adventurous and go to a haunted house. There’s no better opportunity to get a little closer (literally) than holding hands while being scared out of your minds! Seeing your significant other terrified may bring a few laughs, but it will also show you a side that you may not get to see very often. To find a haunted house in North Carolina check out,

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Weekend Getaway

One of the many benefits of going to UNC-Chapel Hill is its central location. The school is merely hours away from the beach and the mountains. As the leaves change colors, the Appalachian Mountains are a sight to see in the fall. Whether it’s just a day trip or a short weekend vacation, hiking to the top of mountain together will surely be an unforgettable moment. If you can’t make it to the mountains, there are also many parks in the Triangle Area that offer great hiking trails.

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Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Normally getting lost is a gut-wrenching feeling, but not in this case. It can be a fun challenge to work your way out of the maze. It is a romantic avenue where couples have to put their heads together in order to find a way out. If communication is an issue, going to a corn maze may help you all to better understand how to productively work together, or it could be a train wreck. You decide. Either way it will be a new experience to share.

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Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Bring out your inner child by going to a pumpkin patch! These patches usually have a variety of activities tailored towards couples including hayrides, local food and drinks, and games. However, the real fun comes after you leave. Make a night of pumpkin carving and roasting seeds. Then cuddle up under a warm blanket and enjoy a quiet night in.

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Shopping at the Local Farmers’ Market

For those of us who like to eat, help out your local economy and enjoy locally grown produce while bonding with your date at the local farmers’ market. You can then keep the date going, and bring back whatever you buy to cook a meal together. The Carrboro Farmers’ Market is open Saturdays year round from 7a.m. to noon.

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Bumble and bumble.: A Beginner’s Guide

In a 1984 interview, Morrissey was quoted as saying, “It’s a totally brief issue, but I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong.”

The man knows what he’s talking about- your hair is one of you most important accessories, if it’s wrong then quite frankly everything else probably is too.

The greatest roadblock to achieving great hair is refusal to invest in and properly use hair product. If you think you can’t go out without make up, think of product in the same way for your hair! What you put on before and after styling can determine your fate, don’t skip this all too important step.

Choosing what to use can be tough and is based on your unique hair type; however, one of the best brands to utilize is Bumble and bumble. After working in a salon for several months I have been converted to the church of Bb. and can’t imagine my hair without it. Over those past few months, I’ve found a few favorite products, purchased time and time again by both clients and myself. Here’s my list for the best Bumble to get your best hair.


Does It All Styling Spray

This spray literally does it ALL. Let me make it clear this is not a hair spray- it’s really just a finishing spray, no need to worry about any crunchy pieces or helmet hair. Plus, like the Bumble site says, it is “literally impossible to use too much.” Spray Does It All before using hot tools like a curling or straightening iron on your hair for better hold and a clean finish. Mist the hair just before use and you’ll see long lasting hold that you can still run your hands through. Finish off any style, whether it’s curled or just normal blow-dry, to smooth fly aways, hold shape, and give your hair a pretty, shiny finish. Another plus- this stuff smells great! And try Spray De Mode for a stronger hold for tougher styles.


Invisible Oil

Since I was little I’ve had a thick head of hair, but after nearly a decade of coloring it (note: I am 19) my hair has become fine and porous. It’s thick, but any kind of oil or shine serum turns my hair greasy and limp. Then, Invisible Oil happened and my hair has never been better. The oil, only released this summer, is always sold out at the salon because whether you put in a drop before you dry or after for a smooth finish, I personally do both steps, you see amazing results. While there are instant results, with smoother, shinier locks, the oil provides long-term repair to damaged hair and improved hair health. This product makes your hair look and feel great- what more could you ask for!


Grooming Creme

Grooming Cream is a universally loved product, great for all hair types and both men and women. A staple product at all Bb. stylist stations, work grooming cream into damp hair before blowing dry or air drying. This “styling moisturizer” gives users a lived in texture, hold, separation and a smooth, low gloss shine that makes clean, styled hair easy. This product is ideal for someone who wants good hair but doesn’t want to put too much time into it- it combines the benefits of many products in one, simple step.


Surf Spray

Every girl loves some good, beachy waves- they’re the best way to look effortlessly beautiful. We’ve all seen that girl on campus with perfect loose waves, looking like she just woke up that way. What I can tell you is that she probably used Bumble’s Surf Spray and that those waves can be all yours. Spray a good amount all over on damp hair and let it air dry or attach a diffuser to your blow dryer. The result, according to Bumble, is “Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles – whenever, wherever.” Surf Spray received a 2012 Details Magazine Best of Grooming Award and with good reason! Spray this stuff on and keep summer around a little longer.


Styling Creme

“Is it a gel? A mousse? No- but it works like both,” reads the Bumble description for Styling Crème. This product is a great base for any style, whether you want a big blowout or defined curls, this is the product for you. Work this product throughout damp hair, I limit it to my roots to give them more hold and volume, and blow it dry- it works like a mousse, heat helps! This product gives volume and greater control to your hair and your style, making it easier to create and keep the look you want. This product works on any and all hair types, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used for any style you can imagine. The most you use, the more it does- so don’t hold back!

What you put into your hair is what you get out of it, so don’t skip out on products! No longer will you have bad hair days, forced to pull it up or put a hat on. You can control your hair if you lay down strong foundations and Bumble and bumble. is here to help. Check out their website, which features instructions and video tutorials for use of all of their products, as well as styling tips! If Bumble’s not your thing that works too, find the product that you love and that loves your hair back. You’ll see that that extra money and minute or two in the morning will be well worth it!

Grace Coddington’s New Memoir: Heart in Beauty

Grace Coddington, legendary creative director of American Vogue, is publishing her memoir, Grace: A Memoir, on November 12th of this year. The highly anticipated memoir highlights Grace’s life experiences since winning a Vogue modeling competition at the tender age of 17 to her rise in the fashion industry. Grace Coddington first popped onto the general public’s radar in R.J. Cutler’s 2009 documentary, The September Issue, which gave the American people an insider’s view on the workings of Vogue. While the film initially garnered viewers because of its promised look into the life of Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, it was Wintour’s passionate collaborator and occasional adversary, Grace Coddington, who won new fans. Coddington, with her shock of vibrant red hair, creative genius, and warmth, gave the film a human vivacity that is often missed in the world of high fashion. Coddington’s new memoir is bound to be infused with that same unique spirit.

Coddington, who uses her expertise now as a creative director, was once a model before experiencing a car accident that disfigured part of her face. Instead of being discouraged, Coddington moved on with her life, and in two years she began working for British Vogue. Once establishing herself at American Vogue, Coddington has become known for her dreamy photo spreads of fantastical beauty and expert storytelling.

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Most recently, Coddington has tried her hand at designing, creating a limited edition line of scarves and bags for Balenciaga. The collection, named ‘Pumpkin’ after her cat, features Coddington’s drawings over classic Balenciaga designs.

Image courtesy of

Recently, issued an excerpt from her upcoming memoir. In just this small snippet of the book, it is clear that Coddington’s love for fashion and her humility are forever intact. She describes the clothes she wore at the time with zest but tempers her observations with emotion: “I was astonished by how fashion could change so fast in a few days. You would go to the South of France one weekend and denim was in. The next weekend when you returned, everything was about little English florals. I used to get so worried that I hadn’t got it right.” Coddington’s expressions of doubt mixed with her descriptions of a glamorous social life seem to epitomize her role in fashion: she brings heart to the beauty. And at the end of this particular excerpt is the story of Grace with a broken heart, as she learns that her fiancé of the time had been conducting a long-term affair.

Clearly, this memoir promises to explore both Coddington’s personal life and the inner workings of her professional life as a model, photographer, and creative director at Vogue. I for one can’t wait until its publication. So mark your calendar for November 12th and add this one to your reading list.

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