Discount Fashion at the click of your mouse

Are you in desperate need of the most coveted brands in fashion but cannot justify paying the full retail price?

For top brands at 50 to 75% off visit or for private sale prices. It’s easy. Just sign up and voila, you have access to discounted prices for a limited time! The best part about these sites is that you can build up credit by inviting friends to sign up too. For every friend that signs up suggested by you, you will recieve a $10 credit to spend however you would like on the website. With new boutiques everyday, you cant help but get addicted.

Cuts from Uniquities/Martin & Mary’s photo shoot

Our fall issue is wrapping up (expect it before fall break!), so here are a few pictures from Uniquities and Martin & Mary’s that didn’t make it into the magazine – get excited!

Photography: Matthew Koester
Model: Chloe Wang
Styling: Nicole at Uniquities, Martin at Martin & Mary’s

Lucky Mi has expanded!

Do you have designer clothes you purchased within the last year or two that you don’t wear anymore or that doesn’t fit? Well, lucky you then! Lucky Mi has created a new section in their boutique called “Modern Consignment.” and they want to fill it with your unwanted designer clothes whether they were gifts from friends that just didn’t match your style or aren’t being used to their fullest.

BUT GUESSS WHAT? THAT’S NOT ALL! They are also taking accessories! As long as these purchases have been made within the last 2 years, you can bring your items to the store where Lucky Mi will buy them and you will receive 50% off the selling price. Now there are no excuses to not update your wardrobe!