Anna Wintour on CBS, Part II

A few thoughts/realizations:

  • This is one of the very few times I’ve heard her voice! If she were to call me on the phone, I’d think she was a prank-caller,  yell at her, and hang up.
  • Watching footage of this year’s Met ball, various shows, and listening to Karl Lagerfeld and Nicolas Ghesquiere talk about her make me jealous of her position and yet weirdly appreciative that it’s her, and not me.
  • Also, I think I should direct my memory skills towards my studies rather than at recognizing almost every fashion figure shown – models, designers, editors, etc.  I am pathetic?

Overall, I realize it was only a 15-20 minute segment, and on CBS, but where are the hard-hitting questions!?  I know this was probably geared towards the general public (duh) but I can’t help but wish they’d include a few style and insider questions for us fashion lovers.

In related (and older) news, this is one of my favorite articles about Anna Wintour:

It’s written by Cathy Horyn, who also has an awesome blog (, and it explores Anna’s impact on fashion, Vogue, and the American public.  And by explore, I mean, it really questions how beneficial that impact really is.

What were your thoughts??