American Apparel Special Deals

If you’re in the need of basics for really cheap, American Apparel is having “Special Deals” – it looks like their standard stock in certain colors and sizes.  And since we are all college students with shallow pockets, I found a free shipping code online: MIKECSHIP.  It worked for me!  I just picked up the Fine Jersey Leisure Dress (read: standard polo dress) in Gold – for $12!

Check it out here! Tax Break!

Shopbop is featuring a tax break discount! If you enter taxbreak09 as a promotional code at checkout, you receive $25 off a purchase of $200+, $75 off a purchase of $400+, $125 off a purchase of $600+, and $200 off a purchase of $800+!

This discount is only offered until Thursday April 16, 11:59 pm. If you shop the sale items you could save some serious cash. Check it out at!