Hot Pants

DKNY Fall 2011 RTW, Image courtesy of

Aquascutum Fall 2011 RTW, Image courtesy of

If there is one trend I’m most excited about this fall, it’s colored pants. They are the perfect accent to spice up your winter wardrobe. I love the red DKNY skinny jeans from the Fall 2011 RTW collection. I recently bought a pair of red skinny jeans for myself, and I won’t lie, I’ve been a little hesitant to wear them. But after seeing them in the DKNY show paired with a black sweater vest and blazer, I’m confident that red pants are an essential item for this season.

Aquascutum also debuted a fiery orange pant in their Fall 2011 RTW collection. Paired with a forest green military jacket, this outfit is tough, chic, and guaranteed to garner you a few looks. We all know that as much as we love our go-to classic blue jeans, wearing them day after day can put you in a fashion funk. Who says pops of color from spring can’t transition into fall?

I did some investigative research of my own on Shopbop (of course) just to make sure this wasn’t just one trend meant for the runway but not real life, and sure enough, colored pants are everywhere! I found a pair of red jeans from Mother for $185, plum-colored Slwy jeans for $165 and yellow Rag & Bone jeans for $176.

Dress them up with some peep toe heels or wear them to class with a pair of chunky military boots. Either way, these pants are a hot item for this season.

Mother, Image courtesy of

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Shopbop’s Fall Predictions

I read’s blog, Shoptalk, every day to see what the latest trends are in fashion. Shopbop’s creative ladies are currently in NYC for fashion week and have been streaming everything they see, hear, and LOVE. Their predictions for fall fashion are winter white, shearling jackets, monochromatic layering and pleated miniskirts. An interesting new trend is also “Mountain Chic” which looks like boho chic and plaid had a baby. Check out below to see what you can look forward to!