Givenchy, How I Adore Thee!


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The new Givenchy collection is so alluring it’s dizzying! I feel like I’m being hypnotized by a snake charmer (in this case the snake charmer is no other than designer Ricardo Tisci, who I happen to have a huge crush on).

The velvet coats, structured but floaty gowns and embroidered pieces are mouthwatering.

Even while the collection is somewhat confusing, or disheveled, in a way, the lines remain as a constant from model to model, piecing it together.

How to take inspiration from this collection?

The black velvet coats are an easy addition to our closets. For a more daring look, the sarouel pants are a good choice.

Christian Lacroix Forever!

CF09 Lacroix

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I’m amazed that, despite all the recent drama unfolding about the future of Lacroix, he produced such a beautiful line – I guess that’s the mark of a true couturier.  One of the things that stood out to me about this collection is the wearability.  Lacroix has shown pieces in the past that I frankly couldn’t understand, but I can see myself wearing (and would die to wear) every single piece – turbans and all.  Let’s hope this isn’t his last collection!

For a pretty comprehensive history of the Lacroix drama, check out The Cut