Fall 2010 Runway Trends

In Paris, New York and Milan, the world’s prominent fashion capitals, fashion week for fall 2010 ready-to-wear has both kicked started and come to an end faster than any of us designer lovers could ever fathom, leaving us lusting for Tokyo and LA coming up in the next weeks. However, this mourning could not last long because these fashion weeks left lasting impressions full of inspiring collections and outstanding trends. There is no one way to sum up the fall 2010 collections, but perhaps to just say “Bravo! They have done it yet again.”

All senses are aroused when experiencing these fall collections. Not one trend disappoints. I personally picked out some of the overlapping styles and designs strewn throughout all the designers, both quirky and elegant.


This season gold will not only be adorned on the neck, finger, or wrist.  Designers are branching out from the usual use of gold in jewelry and putting it directly into their designs with metallic fabrics.  Someone once said, “Even the just may sin, if a gold chest is placed in front of them.” Take this to heart.  If one of these garments were placed in front of my eyes I would surely bust my bank account.

Carmen Marc Volvo

Image Source: nymag.com


A little influence from the royals of the Middles Age came through in this season’s trends. Velvet is now the hot material to add into fall collections, making any outfit look rich. This soft fabric is both pleasant to the touch and the eye.

Alexander Wang

Image Source: nymag.com


When the word monochromatic hits the tongue, instantly there is a taste of blandness with a little lackluster thrown in.  However, this trend is hitting the runways this season on more of a zesty note.  The neutral, all-one-color look is both sophisticated and bold. Don’t turn your head on this trend because it’s sure to stay as a staple in any city girl’s wardrobe.


Image Source: nymag.com


Associated with passion, love and pain, red is a color that cannot be missed.  This color is splashed all over the runway this season, making impacts in collections in hues such as crimson, scarlet, and maroon. Although monochromatic seems to be dominating the spotlight, don’t be afraid to punch up your wardrobe with this daring color.

Carolina Herrera

Image Source: nymag.com


One out-of-the-box trend revealed itself through cowboy hats, native prints, and plastic toy guns. The American Southwest holds traditions in Native American culture and rootin’ tootin’ cowboys, familiarized through the movie scene. The American Southwest is brought to life in this season’s collections through accessories and fabrics. Be sure to hold on to those moccasins for your wardrobe this fall.

William Rast

Image Source: nymag.com

What are you lusting for this coming fall? I realize we are still waiting for the summer to slowly approach. But honestly! Who can’t help but long for those days where the leaves change and the wind comes a blowing, to bundle down in those new fall clothes you invested in over the summer months. If the answer is no, take a look for yourself at the collections in fall 2010 ready-to-wear. Lust is only a click away.