Lovely Leather

There is no denying that leather is a force to be reckoned with this season. Paring a leather item with any outfit is an easy way to give your look an edgier touch. While genuine leather is on the pricey side, there are many synthetic leather options that provide you with all the bang for fewer bucks. This trend has also been a huge hit among celebrities. A-list stars such as Beyonce´, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Stewart have all been seen rocking the trend. While you may be thinking that wearing tight leather pants or a tiny leather dress is a little too bold for you, there are a multitude of ways to tweak the trend to fit your personal style. Not a fan of black? No worries, there are plenty leather pieces available in this season’s hottest colors. All in all, leather is extremely versatile and should be a staple in every woman’s closet.

Leather Skirt

While leather skirts are typically seen as nighttime attire, this season feminine pleated option allows you to wear the trend day or night.  If you are looking for a sexier option, pair a leather pencil skirt with a peplum top and you’ve got the perfect mix of sexy and classy.

Leather Dress

When it comes to leather dresses there are a wide variety of options available. For the bolder fashionista, who is not afraid to show off her curves, a bodycon leather dress will be perfect. Those who are more modest may prefer a dress with leather accents.

Leather Pants

Remember liquid leggings? Well, they have been replaced with far more stylish, and breathable, leather pants. These pants will give any outfit a chic and edgy twist.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a classic piece that can easily transform and pull together any look. A fun way to wear this season’s biker jacket is to pair it with ultra feminine dresses and skirts to add contrast to your outfit

The Perfect Fall Accessory

Temperatures have cooled considerably in the past few weeks—days that once fluctuated between hot and cool have now descended into slightly warm and cold. With the newly settled chill of fall, keeping warm is imperative. However, walking in and out of rooms of varying temperature, waking up to a cold morning but encountering a warmer afternoon, and changes in wind all affect our levels of warmth during the day. So layering becomes key during the fall, and the perfect fall layer is also an extremely fashionable accessory: the scarf. When deciding to wear a scarf, make the conscious choice not to simply throw any plain cloth around your neck. Pick out scarves with particular patterns, textures, and styles that make an outfit truly stand out, and experiment with different ways of tying a scarf to mix up your looks throughout the week. Below are 10 fun, interesting, and chic scarves to try out this fall.

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To start off this list is the most classic of all scarves: the Hermès silk scarf. The French luxury brand is renowned for its sophisticated scarves that epitomize taste. This particular Casques et Plumets scarf mixes bright colors into delightful images.

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This Kilim scarf, worn as a headdress here, is also classic Hermès. Try to emulate this style by wearing your hair down and wrapping a silk scarf across the top of your head. This slightly offbeat style is not only a standout, but it can also keep the front of your head warm!

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With Hermès scarves comes a hefty price, however, so for scarves in a lower budget range, try out Madewell. The new collection of Madewell storyteller scarves mirrors the sophistication of Hermès scarves without the same price tag. This black and white storyteller scarf from Madewell has a beautiful graphic pattern that could potentially be worn with many different outfits.

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I love this cable cowl neck scarf from Brooks Brothers—it fits the All-American style of the brand but offers a unique blend of textures (lambswool and silk). This infinity style scarf is a popular one for this fall, so why not put your own spin on the style with a mixed texture scarf.

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This Michael Kors toggle neck warmer scarf is on this list for two reasons. First, the color is absolutely gorgeous and appropriate for fall. Second, the toggle clasp sets this scarf apart from others, adding an interesting design element that gives this scarf a laid-back but chic feel.

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Oblong scarves are also extremely popular for Fall 2012. This Eyeful Embroidered scarf has such a great blend of neutral colors with pops of pink and orange. The pattern is interesting, and the fullness of the scarf allows for all different kinds of scarf tying.

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For a sleeker look, try this Nicole Miller optical gradation silk scarf. This look is definitely unique and noteworthy for its tricky patterning.

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This Alexander McQueen tulip skull scarf works so well for this time of year, especially on a slightly warmer but still cool fall day. The playful pattern of skull and flowers creates a striking look.

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For much chillier days, try out this greyscale fringed loop scarf from Anthropologie. This particular scarf incorporates the fringe trend and will help you stay warm between classes.

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Finally, this Spratters & Jayne Infinity Chain Scarf will also keep you toasty throughout the day. Designer Rachael Warner uses ultra-chunky Peruvian Highlands wool to create her fashionable scarves.

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If you want to find out more ways you can tie your scarves, check out this great video from Nordstrom. The instructional film illustrates all different kinds of scarf knots, from the “cowgirl knot” to more classic ties.

Bright Done Right: Dance Marathon Recruitment

UNC Dance Marathon recruiters took to the Pit and Polk Place this week. Photo courtesy: UNCDM

Love them or hate them, dance marathon recruiters took over campus this week in their bright, wacky ensembles. While their fashion was purposely extreme to attract your eye,  there is one style do that you can take from their purpose don’ts: a little brightness can go a long way.

Incorporate a colored accessory to an otherwise neutral-colored outfit (blacks, whites, tans), and you’ll pop with a coordinated ensemble that like our friendly recruiters’, catches quite a few eyes too.

Quick Picks:

1) Corked Color Necklace
$43.99, Modcloth

2) Crayon Ring
$12, Fred Flare

3) The Sash
$8, American Apparel

Fall 2010 Runway Trends

In Paris, New York and Milan, the world’s prominent fashion capitals, fashion week for fall 2010 ready-to-wear has both kicked started and come to an end faster than any of us designer lovers could ever fathom, leaving us lusting for Tokyo and LA coming up in the next weeks. However, this mourning could not last long because these fashion weeks left lasting impressions full of inspiring collections and outstanding trends. There is no one way to sum up the fall 2010 collections, but perhaps to just say “Bravo! They have done it yet again.”

All senses are aroused when experiencing these fall collections. Not one trend disappoints. I personally picked out some of the overlapping styles and designs strewn throughout all the designers, both quirky and elegant.


This season gold will not only be adorned on the neck, finger, or wrist.  Designers are branching out from the usual use of gold in jewelry and putting it directly into their designs with metallic fabrics.  Someone once said, “Even the just may sin, if a gold chest is placed in front of them.” Take this to heart.  If one of these garments were placed in front of my eyes I would surely bust my bank account.

Carmen Marc Volvo

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A little influence from the royals of the Middles Age came through in this season’s trends. Velvet is now the hot material to add into fall collections, making any outfit look rich. This soft fabric is both pleasant to the touch and the eye.

Alexander Wang

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When the word monochromatic hits the tongue, instantly there is a taste of blandness with a little lackluster thrown in.  However, this trend is hitting the runways this season on more of a zesty note.  The neutral, all-one-color look is both sophisticated and bold. Don’t turn your head on this trend because it’s sure to stay as a staple in any city girl’s wardrobe.


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Associated with passion, love and pain, red is a color that cannot be missed.  This color is splashed all over the runway this season, making impacts in collections in hues such as crimson, scarlet, and maroon. Although monochromatic seems to be dominating the spotlight, don’t be afraid to punch up your wardrobe with this daring color.

Carolina Herrera

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One out-of-the-box trend revealed itself through cowboy hats, native prints, and plastic toy guns. The American Southwest holds traditions in Native American culture and rootin’ tootin’ cowboys, familiarized through the movie scene. The American Southwest is brought to life in this season’s collections through accessories and fabrics. Be sure to hold on to those moccasins for your wardrobe this fall.

William Rast

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What are you lusting for this coming fall? I realize we are still waiting for the summer to slowly approach. But honestly! Who can’t help but long for those days where the leaves change and the wind comes a blowing, to bundle down in those new fall clothes you invested in over the summer months. If the answer is no, take a look for yourself at the collections in fall 2010 ready-to-wear. Lust is only a click away.

Fall fashion haircuts

Need a new hairdo? Sometimes you just need a new haircut to  make you feel more confident. Here are some styles that are in for this fall!

  • The Cropped Bob
  • The Pixie Crop
  • The Center Part
  • Milkmaid braids
  • The ’40s Mermaid wave
  • Straight & Sleek
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Fall Philosophy

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The approach of fall is evident: the leaves are falling, the days are getting longer and 8 a.m. classes seem to start in the middle of the night. But for me, fall is signaled by what is found in Sephora. I can always go there and smell my favorite fall scents from Philosophy. The brand adds pumpkin spice muffin, candy corn and caramel apple scents to its Shampoo, Shower and Bubble Bath line in the fall. These multitasking products are only $16–not bad to wash both your hair and body. And for Halloween, you can purchase the candy corn and caramel apple scents as a Halloween set for only $20. The best thing about the Philosophy line is that their scents are designed to only last until the end of the shower. No lingering smell means you can put on perfume afterward without having to worry about the scents mixing. Enjoy your favorite fall treats without the guilt.

Tube Scarves: The Long and the Short of It

Tube scarves are an updated version of an old-fashioned look. These scarves are comfortable, chic, and the best part is: the styling is already done for you. All you have to do is add a worn-in tee and jeans or maybe your favorite knit dress and rugged boots. Urban Outfitters has several great options if you’re into these kind of scarves, whether you prefer them close to your neck, draped below your waist or somewhere in between. In the August 2009 issue of InStyle magazine, Rachel Bilson declared these scarves one of her favorite trends from the fall runway shows and called them “supercute and so easy to wear.” Now you can wear an accessory that is practical but still makes you look put-together.

Deena & Ozzy Eternity Scarf - Urban Outfitters

Deena & Ozzy Eternity Scarf - Urban Outfitters

Deena & Ozzy Macrame Jersey Eternity Scarf - Urban Outfitters

Deena & Ozzy Macrame Jersey Eternity Scarf - Urban Outfitters

Cuts from Uniquities/Martin & Mary’s photo shoot

Our fall issue is wrapping up (expect it before fall break!), so here are a few pictures from Uniquities and Martin & Mary’s that didn’t make it into the magazine – get excited!

Photography: Matthew Koester
Model: Chloe Wang
Styling: Nicole at Uniquities, Martin at Martin & Mary’s

Ready or not?


Image from Garance Doré

So fall is here, I think we all noticed that this morning when we walked out the door.

But for some reason I’m still scared about taking my boots out of my winter closet because then it becomes a fact: it’s cold again.

But leaving my personal fears aside, when do you guys think is the right time to start wearing boots again? Is it the beginning of fall? Do you just wear them all-year-long? When do you put them back in the closet for good?

Answers in the comment section!