Falling for Fur

I went down to Athens, Georgia, last weekend to visit my brother who goes to UGA, and one thing I noticed down there was a surplus of fur vests. I couldn’t help but think that they looked so chic, especially worn with a plaid top underneath and lots of accessories!

I dug a little deeper to find some of these furry items and, of course, the store with the best selection for the cheapest price was Forever 21. Here are a few of my favorites:

Forever 21, $38.90

Forever 21, $37.80

Forever 21, $27.94

This season is all about mixing and matching textures (and colors, for that matter) so I recommend pairing your fur vest with some heavy metal. Try a gold cuff or a metal studded bangle like these from Forever 21:

Forever 21, $6.80

Forever 21, $12.80

While your mixing and matching, why not try throwing a fur vest over a sequined top? Check out this pairing by Alice and Olivia:

Alice & Olivia, $597.00, courtesy of Saks.com

This season is all about the element of surprise. Shock your friends by creating combinations of the most random pieces in your closet. Innovation is the key to looking trendy without having to pay the price of a new wardrobe! Happy innovating.

E is for… Eighties-Inspired Fashion

80’s-inspired pieces are everywhere right now and I’m loving it! But really, what’s not to love? From layers of lace, leggings and leather, it can add major attitude to any outfit. If you know how to mix it up, the trend can be equal parts girly and punk-rock. Think Madonna circa Material Girl in a studded bustier and a frilly tulle skirt. Rock out to the 80’s with a few of my fave pieces below.

“Diamonds” are a girl’s best friend

JEWELRYOne of the things I’ve learned from my mom is that I should never, ever, leave my house without earrings.  Other than that, I’ve never been the type to wear much jewelry. Sometimes I sling on a necklace or a pair of bangles, but most days, I blindly gather my silver studs from my nightstand, put them on, and call it a day.

But recently, I’ve been abnormally attracted to big, chunky, shiny, statement-making jewelry.

It’s no secret that bold pieces of jewelry have been making the fashion rounds lately: bib necklaces, sparkly earrings, chunky rings, etc.  It’s all about letting the jewels do the talking, and pairing it with a simple tee and basic pieces seems like a match made in heaven.

I call it the “I just rolled out of bed and abused granny’s jewelry box” look.  And I love it!

But, I have a limited budget, so when it comes to jewelry, I look for expensive-looking cheap pieces that can complete my look.  And I found the perfect place: Forever XXI.  There are hundreds of pieces to choose from!  Every style, every color: all at very low prices. Almost all the pieces on the banner above are less than $10.  So, if you’re looking for a cheap way to update your look, go to Forever XXI, and enjoy! (I already have three necklaces coming my way).