Scary Costumes… Not Scary Makeup


Lady Gaga's Poker Face by MAC

This Halloween, make sure you aren’t frightening your friends with your makeup job!  But don’t be afraid to get creative and go all out – your makeup can easily make or break your costume.  Simple additions like fake eyelashes or a strong lipstick add an interesting and dramatic pop.  A creative and unique look can drastically improve a simple costume.  Need a little help?  Try Sephora’s Halloween kits, $19 at, designed to provide the best look for any costume, whether its a vicious vampire or a pretty peacock.

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KI - Sephora Doll, Fairy, Angel makeup kit

Sephora makeup kit for Doll, Fairy, Angel

KI - Sephora Greek Goddess, Peacock, Cleopatra makeup kit

Sephora makeup kit for Greek Goddess, Peacock, Cleopatra

KI - Sephora Vampire, Rock Star, Witch makeup kit

Sepora makeup kit for Vampire, Rock Star, Witch