The Evolution of the Aviator Style

In the new movie Amelia, starring Hillary Swank, audiences will see classic examples of the aviator bomber style that has become an integral part of the fashion industry.  What began as a way for pilots to stay warm in high altitudes has become what some would consider an item that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.   But, where did this timeless item originate?  It was Amelia Earhart herself who, when she wasn’t breaking boundaries for women in the world of aviation, was designing her own fashion line.  She helped to adapt the typical pilot’s clothing for women – who knew that she was groundbreaking in the fashion world, too?  The great thing about the leather bomber jacket is its versatility.  It looks great with jeans and heels, but it can also create a cool combination when paired with a chic knee length dress.  So, here’s to Amelia!  Thanks for breaking ground for women in the aviation and fashion worlds!

Hayden Panettiere rocks a bomber with a chic dress and heelsImage from

Lauren Conrad pairs a cropped leather bomber with a unique belt and wide leg pants to create a casual, but classy, lookImage from