the perfect go-to fashion guide

If you’re looking for the perfect tool for keeping up with the fashion designers and innovators that have defined the last century, look no further than Phaidon’s purse-size book.

The Fashion Book

The Fashion Book is an A-Z collection of 500 designers, photographers, models and other iconic figures who defined fashion over the  past 150 years.

The A-Z format makes it easy to find things. Each entry comes with a photo or two and a short, but complete description of the history and trends behind the entry. And the book’s size makes it a perfect travel companion, whether you’re hopping on a flight, or heading to work.

McCartney, Stella

Vogue calls The Fashion Book “the fashion bible.” I’ve found it awesome for discovering new designers and photographers. Each time you flip through the pages, you’ll see something new and intriguing. If you are someone who loves learning about all things fashion, modern and past, this book is well-worth the $11.95 price tag.