Vamp Up Your Lips


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All of you fashionistas out there know that bright red lips are hot right now, but you may not know that Sephora’s new ruby gloss is venomous!

Sephora now carries a shimmery lip plumping gloss by DuWop called Twilight Venom.

This scarlet gloss is a lip conditioner with a bite. Its tingly touch heightens the “venomous” sensation and makes your lips look fuller, more defined and irresistibly red.

This product combines the original DuWop Lip Venom clear lip plumping serum with a crimson gloss. The two liquids do not mix on their own, but when shaken they create the perfect balance of color and sting.

Despite its allusion to the supernatural romance “Twilight”, consumers say this product really does work.

Unlike the Cullen clan, Twilight Venom has nothing to hide. Ingredients for this lip gloss include argon, avocado, olive oil and vitamin E.

Although this is the only DuWop product associated with the movie “Twilight”, there is a whole line of DuWop Venom products. You can also try DuWop’s Lash Venom Mascara, Prime Venom lip balm, Reverse Lip Liner and the original Lip Venom lip gloss.

So whether you are trying to stay in stride with the latest trends or you want to snag your own Edward Cullen, DuWop’s Twilight Venom may be your new favorite gloss.

Zeno Magic


Being a stressed-out college student means we are all prone to breakouts, and in the winter our skin is at its driest. It can be hard to treat pimples with topical treatments, which tend to dry out skin even more. However, I invested in a Zeno and for $89, I feel like I have a mini dermatologist in the palm of my hand. The Zeno is a hand-held device with a tip that heats to a certain temperature. The heat decreases inflammation and safely destroys the bacteria inside the pimple. This device is costly, but after the recommended use of 2 times daily for 2 and a half minutes, you see results. The pimple is either drastically reduced in size or gone completely. I think it’s a safe way to quickly eliminate pimples without scarring and without drying out skin. I was originally intimidated by its scary beeping and heated tip, but the results made it worth it! After using it for several months now, I feel like I have much more control over my skin. This is a great investment for people who have mild to moderate acne (the kind with a raised white bump). The Zeno allows me to quickly and painlessly thwart pimples before they become worse. No more cover up sticks or messy creams for me!

What alternative ways do you use to treat breakouts?

The September Issue update!

The September Issue - Anna

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Patricia just commented (and tweeted teehee) that the Chelsea Theater in Chapel Hill is showing The September Issue!

The showtimes for tonight through Thursday are 7:10PM and 9:00PM.

I saw it on Saturday at Galaxy Cinema with my sister, another avid Anna/Vogue fan, and my mom, who had no idea who Anna was.
Verdict: Six thumbs up.

The documentary gives a rare, if small, glimpse into Anna Wintour’s personal life and character.  The first 10 seconds after leaving the theater, I was a little disappointed – I guess I expected the documentary to delve deeper into Anna.  But then I realized, if she had openly divulged everything about her, the way she thinks, why she is awesome, etc., she wouldn’t be the cold Anna we know and love.  Besides, Grace Coddington, and to a lesser extent, ALT, were such huge presences that getting to know them made up for it.  There were tons of little trivia about the issue that gave it new meaning for me – I found myself flipping through it after the documentary, and loving it even more.