Street Style: Coffee Shop Chic

Name: Sara Farrell
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Concentration: Environmental Studies

While panning for fashionistas in the stream of students flowing through the center of campus, this nugget of gold caught my eye.  Excited that I asked her to be my model, Sara put down her Starbucks cup and took to the brick runway.

Sara describes her personal style as a “beautiful mess”.  This makes sense considering her taste in specific pieces, which alludes to a flexible wardrobe.  Upon asking Sara about her favorite trends, she told me that she loves commando boots.  Especially during these frigid days, boots should be your footwear of choice.  She also appreciates leggings, which continue to be popular in women’s fashion.  You can also find pleated dresses with a high neckline in her closet.

Paying homage to her birth state and the upcoming season, “winter in California” was the inspiration for Sara’s dress.  Her outfit was dominated by black and nude tones, a combination that has always intimidated me.  One of my style rules that I have held dear since high school is to never mix black and nudes, but Sara made me question it.  She tutored me in how to pull off the contrasting duo – don’t overthink it; subtlety will go a long way.  Pairing a cream cowl neck sweater that she brought from PTA Thrift Shop with black leggings from Forever 21, she demonstrates this delicate engagement.  Her nude textured flats from LOFT, which match her sweater, further enhance the effect.  Sara completed her outfit by accessorizing with a pair of pairs: H&M rose lens sunglasses and diamond stud earrings.  Although the palette was limited, simplicity colored her outfit.

The paralyzing choke hold of finals is just around the corner, but that is no excuse to dress down.  Instead, you should take after Sara and dress with an elegant simplicity.


Street Style: Pflupé Chic

Name: Meredith McDonald
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Jacksonville, NC
Concentration: Biology and Women’s & Gender Studies

In the spiritual words of Destiny’s Child, “I’m a survivor / I’m not goin’ give up / I’m not goin’ stop / I’m goin’ work harder.”  I asked Meredith what her inspiration was for her outfit, and with the biggest grin, her answer was: “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child.  I thought this was peculiar.  I’ve heard of outfits drawing patterns from animals, being inspired by celebrities, or paying homage to nature, but I’ve never heard of someone basing their outfit off of a song.  Meredith explained to me that the message the song conveys is the same message that she would like for her outfit to convey.

Independence (and star status) definitely radiate from Meredith’s choice of clothing.  Her outerwear was perfection: a bright red pea coat that was sure to grab attention.  Underneath the coat, Meredith wore a sparkly black top.  She paired the top with a skinny cargo pant in a dark shade of sea foam green.  Both are from Rugged Warehouse.  She slipped a pair of pointed black flats from Forever 21 onto her feet.  To complete her outfit, she accessorized with a handmade black scarf, a pair of black half-rim wayfarers that she bought from Aldo, and a pair of earrings from Beauty Supply.  Meredith’s choice in accessories and their styling made her look like a movie star.  Black was greatly represented in her outfit.  Black could represent solitude, or when seen in a different light: emancipation.

Unlike most people, who adhere to a certain style, Meredith is not confined to just one.  She told me that one day, her outfit could reflect the hippy/earth child lifestyle, and the next, she could be mistaken for the “it-girl” from an adored 80s sitcom.  Her favorite trend is the incorporation of both men’s and women’s clothing in an outfit.  She wants women to know that if they want to add a touch of masculinity to their outfit, then they shouldn’t be afraid.  Meredith shows us that just because you aren’t a superstar that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress like one.

Street Style: Amaretto Chic

Name: Kay Rufty
Year: Senior
Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Concentration: Applied Mathematics major

Autumn weather is finally here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a fun color palette.  Instead of rich colors that parallel the autumn foliage, Kay decided to take a lighter approach and incorporate cool tones and neutrals into her outfit.  Her long-sleeved powder blue tee from Forever 21 paired with her grey skinny jeans from Delia’s created a solid and subtle combination.  The juxtaposition of such a soft shade of blue and the light grey provides a feel of gentleness.  On her feet, Kay wore a pair of desert boots with a dusty quality from Forever 21.  In terms of accessories, she flourished her outfit with a Chinese scarf that she received as a gift from her best friend and a watch necklace that her grandma gave her.  The scarf displays a collection of colors: white, cerulean, gold, and midnight blue.  The necklace is not only fashionable; it’s functional.

Kay describes her personal style as comfortable and simplistic.  Whenever she goes shopping, she looks for versatile pieces that will work with a variety of outfits.  She prefers clothing that accentuates a woman’s figure, without being blatantly sexual.  Shapes and cuts of clothing are more important to her than patterns.  When it comes to accessorizing, Kay gets to choose from a collection of unique pieces of jewelry that she inherited from her grandmother.

When I asked Kay about her favorite trends, she told me that she loves the androgynous look: pieces and outfits that both men and women can wear.  Unless the situation called for it, you would never catch Kay wearing a dress.  Being simple, comfy, and androgynous, jeans are Kay’s best friend.  That goes to show that fashion knows no gender.