“Bananas” for Zoe

I die.  I die.  I absolutely die for Rachel Zoe’s new clothing line for QVC.  From the eye-catching fur outerwear, faux of course, to the boho chic oversized scarves, Zoe’s line is definitely “shutting it down.” Every piece in the collection exudes Zoe’s incredible fashion prowess. Usually, Zoe’s style expertise is reserved for members of young Hollywood starlets, but her new collection is accessible and affordable compared to the high fashion designers Zoe regularly works with.

I’m personally obsessed with every one of Zoe’s sequin clutches, and because QVC is having a Columbus Day Sale, I will definitely be stealing this tomorrow!

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A is for…Acid-Wash Jeans

Yesterday’s shoot was for the upcoming fall fashion spread, Stylist’s Choice, showcasing 6 hot items our stylists are loving for fall. One of our picks was a pair of vintage turquoise acid-wash jeans. Pairing them with a men’s over-sized tuxedo shirt and funky sneaks, all of the stylists (including myself) just went ga-ga over this throwback 80’s trend. What do you think? Should this look be restricted to Saved by the Bell re-runs, or should they make a comeback for fall ’09?

A sneak peek from the shoot

A sneak peek from the shoot

Local Fashion Expert: Wendy Gow

Wendy Gow is a local fashion expert, image consultant, and wardrobe stylist who currently lives in Chapel Hill, NC. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and has over 25 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry including Sales Education and PR with Lauder Corporation, a buyer position with Abraham and Straus, and runway modeling.

Her clientele is spread throughout the U.S., in cities like New York and Atlanta, and has recently expanded to include international clients.  I happen to be one of her clients and I must say that she is the best of the best! She knows what is trendy, where to shop, and how to find the best deals. I now have a complete wardrobe, filled with pieces that can mix-and-match!

Wendy is a warm-hearted, welcoming person and loves to work with UNC students so don’t hesitate to send her an email with any questions about fashion, whether its for help updating or redoing a wardrobe, or picking an outfit for an interview!

Click here for her website and more information.