Why this design show keeps me hanging by a thread!

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As a fashion freak, anything to do with the industry tickles my fancy, and Project Runway does exactly that. I love everything about this show. As Heidi always says, in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. Every Project Runway season you will  find me tuned in to see which designers make the all-star judge panel say wow and which ones make them say “Auf Weidersehen.”

Whether designers are asked to make a beautiful and stylish garment from a potato sack or a stack of newspapers, the judges are never forgiving with those who do not measure up! Heidi’s frank critiques are always entertaining and my favorite shoe and accessory designer, Michael Kors, never shies away from calling the kettle black. And who could forget the budding designers’ mentor, Tim Gunn?! His favorite tip? Just “make it work.” And while a few do make it to the top, others are faced with a serious reality check. What some of these designers consider to be “commercial” is truly comical, and Ping’s unfinished piece that gave everyone a flash of her model’s buttox this season showed the entertainment value that comes as a consequence of each challenge’s time frame.

I always have my favorite designers, and love hearing what the judges have to say about them, and yes, there are always a few designers I could do without (Ping, I’m sorry, but bare butts aren’t my thing!). So, as I follow the show play-by-play and make predictions of who Season 7’s winner will be, get to know the designers and discover your favorite at http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/project-runway-designers.

If you have missed the first two episodes, check them out on mylifetime.com!

Happy Watching!

Rihanna’s 20/20 Interview

Image from NewsCom

Singer Rihanna has become a fashion icon in today’s world of pop culture.  The confidence she exudes allows her to pull off daring outfits, makeup, and hairstyles.  But tomorrow night on ABC’s 20/20 News Special, the world will see more of Rihanna than her fame and beauty.  During the hour-long special, Rihanna will finally open up to the world about her relationship with Chris Brown, and the very public and violent fight that shocked her fans.  By accepting her role as a victim of domestic violence, Rihanna will hopefully become a role model for young women struggling to put an end to volatile relationships.  So from now on, Rihanna is much more than a 21st century style icon – she is a woman who is unafraid to stand up for herself and be an example for girls around the world.

Style Inspiration: My So-Called Life


In an effort to put off studying, I have been watching episodes of My So-Called Life on Hulu.com (it’s free and its in high-def!). Vintage Claire Danes and Jared Leto is kind of really refreshing, the writing is good, and I’m beginning to realize that 90s style isn’t all that bad. I mean, who doesn’t like ringpops?

Details: Forever21 sequined beret and plaid shirt. Print Liberation t. Acne jeans. Erin Wasson x RVCA leather vest. Topshop strawbag. Mafia People aviator sunglasses. Converse sneakers.

MSCL image source.

Anna Wintour on CBS, Part II

A few thoughts/realizations:

  • This is one of the very few times I’ve heard her voice! If she were to call me on the phone, I’d think she was a prank-caller,  yell at her, and hang up.
  • Watching footage of this year’s Met ball, various shows, and listening to Karl Lagerfeld and Nicolas Ghesquiere talk about her make me jealous of her position and yet weirdly appreciative that it’s her, and not me.
  • Also, I think I should direct my memory skills towards my studies rather than at recognizing almost every fashion figure shown – models, designers, editors, etc.  I am pathetic?

Overall, I realize it was only a 15-20 minute segment, and on CBS, but where are the hard-hitting questions!?  I know this was probably geared towards the general public (duh) but I can’t help but wish they’d include a few style and insider questions for us fashion lovers.

In related (and older) news, this is one of my favorite articles about Anna Wintour:

It’s written by Cathy Horyn, who also has an awesome blog (http://runway.blogs.nytimes.com/), and it explores Anna’s impact on fashion, Vogue, and the American public.  And by explore, I mean, it really questions how beneficial that impact really is.

What were your thoughts??