With finals approaching and colder days (potentially) looming, it’s easy to fall into a routine of wearing the same look day after day. For me, it’s leggings, riding boots, sweaters and scarves. They keep me warm and looking fairly put together. But from time to time, we all need a little spice in our wardrobes.

Here are some great blogs brimming with fashion ideas of all sorts — from celebrities to your average (but fashionable) Joe.

Garance Doré


For inspiration from French fabulosity, Garance Doré’s blog is a must. Illustrator Garance Doré began her blog in 2006 as a way “to do something more free, more spontaneous.” Full of photos and drawings of the most glorious people, places and things, it’s hard to find something on Doré’s blog that doesn’t inspire. Read it in English, or take a break from your French homework to read the original blog en français. It’s just wonderful. Click on the link above and you’ll see for yourself.

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The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman Announces 2010 Destination

Source: thesartorialist.blogspot.com

In this interview from bigthink.com, The Sartorialist’s founder Scott Schuman explains why he began his blog and what sets his blog apart from other blogs. He also announces where he will be headed to in 2010 to discover street fashion inspiration. Let’s just say it may have something to do with “Asian persuasion.”

Follow the link to find out: Big Think Interview with Scott Schuman

“The Sartorialist”: Fashion Inspiration

The Sartorialist

Image from thesartorialist.com

Clicking through numerous fashion websites and blogs today I eventually found my way to a page stocked full of bright and interesting photos.  These photos did not contain the latest trends or the newest fall coat, but real life people in their real life outfits.  These pictures, taken from the streets of various cities such as NYC, Paris and Milano, portray people running to grab Starbucks or hailing a cab for work, all while displaying impeccable style.  Scott Schuman, the writer and photographer behind the blog, envisioned his site as a place to display photos of people who, in turn, would give inspiration to his viewers.

Schuman says, “My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration. Rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres.”

Check out The Sartorialist to get your own inspiration!


Editor’s note: We’ve blogged about The Sartorialist before, but it’s always refreshing to hear another opinion!  If you like The Sartorialist, check out Jak & Jil and Garance Doré (Scott’s girlfriend!). Don’t forget, you can buy The Sartorialist’s book – not your typical coffee-table-sized book, it’s perfect for reading on the go.  It’s almost entirely pictures – some from the website, some previously unseen.  It’s sold at Barnes & Noble (both Durham and Southpoint stores), and I’ve seen it at Anthropologie at Southpoint as well.  Seriously, it’s totally worth the money!

How do you get your fashion fix?

During the day, whenever I have a spare moment, I automatically turn to my VERY long list of fashion blogs. Beyond sales and even the clothes, there’s something about the fashion world that is so addicting that it requires updates every few minutes.  I’ve compiled my top 5 (it was a very long process, as I read about 500 a day).

Paris 2009

Paris 2009, property of The Sartorialist

  1. The Sartorialist: an impeccably dressed (and cute) former menswear director at Bergdorf’s takes beautiful pictures of stylish men and women ranging from the fashion elite to the very layered homeless man.  Never critical, always interesting.
  2. The Cut: One of NYMag’s many blogs, this one is focused entirely on fashion.  And as an established institution located in NYC, The Cut provides cutting-edge (HAHA PUN) news, inside interviews, and sarcastic recaps of The Hills.  Honestly, what more could you want?
  3. Garance Doré: a French illustrator and photographer takes a lot of pictures of well-dressed French people.  Less diversity than the Sart, but always inspirational (and jealousy-inspiring).
  4. Fashionista: An independent blog founded by a current Nylon editor, Fashionista is known for its fashion news and model obsessions.  With fun trivia at the end of the day, their controversial “Adventures in Copyright” posts, and witty writing style, Fashionista is a must-read!
  5. Sea of Shoes:  A high school girl has a LOT of shoes.  So. Unfair.  But with a super trendy mom, I guess it’s only natural for her to have all the most coveted shoes of the season – her brands range from Prada to Yohji Yamamoto.  I know, it’s SO unfair.  But she’s gorgeous and has very refined tastes.  And shoes.

How do you get your fashion fix?