Hot Hues

Reed Krakoff $590

Tory Burch $325

Spring is in the air in Chapel Hill and all I can think about is spring fashion! The doldrums of winter are finally behind us and it is time to reawaken our inner fashionistas. One of my favorite trends for this season is electric color. What better way to jump-start our spring fever than to pile on the neon yellows, pinks, oranges and greens? The designers seem to be telling us that we shouldn’t be afraid to go bold with these colors. They are meant to be mixed and matched, and nothing is “too much.” An easy way to achieve this look is to find radiant accessories that can be paired with any outfit to spice it up a bit. Neiman Marcus has a great selection of luminous accessories by top designers (you may want to look elsewhere for items that are less pricey). But these items give you a good idea of accessories to look for when out shopping for your new spring wardrobe. Good luck!

Dolce & Gabbana $2445

Kendra Scott $75

Oscar de la Renta $345

Oscar de la Renta $995

Designer Profile: Tory Burch

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My most recent obsession on is the designer profiles featuring some of today’s hottest creative minds. There is something absolutely thrilling about putting a face to the label and seeing a designer in real life. A recent designer profile spotlights top designer Tory Burch as she embarks on a search for the perfect playlist for an upcoming fashion show. This video reminds us of just how much behind-the-scenes work goes on in the world of fashion and how many responsibilities fall upon designers. It is interesting to see what music inspires Tory Burch and what tracks she thinks will fit best with her collection. Her bubbly and light-hearted personality is apparent in this three-minute video as she jokes with a colleague and talks to the camera while shopping for music. It is a real treat to have a sneak peak into her daily life. To check out Tory’s song search and get to know the designer on a more personal level, click here.

Holiday Gift Guide

Shopbop does a great job with helping you shop for any friend–with any style. They offer a gift guide for the glamorous type, the rocker, the free spirit, and virtually anyone. I can’t think of how many times I needed to find a gift for a friend who seemed to have everything, or a friend whom I couldn’t quite figure out what she would want. Be inspired this holiday season and give a gift that you know she’ll love! Even if you can’t afford it, at least you can get some great ideas…