Old Hollywood is Reborn on Franklin



AB - Varsity

Image from flickr.com

When Paul and Susan Shareshian learned that Franklin St.’s only movie theater was closing down, they decided to not only buy the theater, but also to give it a makeover. Reopening in November, the fresh Varsity theater will have elaborate new molding and classic red carpeting to go with its “Old Hollywood” style. The Varsity regularly plays both current and classic movies for a much lower cost than other cinemas. In renovating the venue, the Shareshians want to “keep the community in mind and get their opinions, because ‘classic’ means different things to different people.” The couple is seeking the help of UNC art majors to suggest and carry out new looks for the theater’s lobby. Soon enough, you will be able to get a first-hand dose of Old Hollywood romanticism just down the street from campus.