Betsey Johnson Honored

Tuesday night, whimsical fashion designer Betsey Johnson was awarded the Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement by the National Arts Club.  Her portrait now hangs alongside the likes of Carolina Herrera and Carol Oates.  Johnson, who got her start in the 1960’s, is well known for her off-the-wall yet stylish pieces.  She lived up to this reputaion when she showed up to the awards in blue stretch capris, a signature pink tutu, and an Andy Warhol inspired tee.  Betsey is known for her participation in the ’60s rock and roll lifestyle, but she is also remembered for her groundbreaking achievements in the fashion world.  She was the first American designer to have her own store in New York City, and was among the first to open a boutique on Melrose in Los Angeles.  Johnson might be a fashion and business mogul, but her personality shines through every outfit she designs.  Check out her new collection at  It’s edgy and has that punk rock aspect that Betsey has become known for in the fashion world.

Celebrating a Lifetime of Tutus, Betsey Johnson Receives Medal of Honor
Johnson at the National Arts Club

Image courtesy of Yahoo Fashion News

One of Johnson’s famous sketches

Image courtesy of Elle Girl Magazine’s Prom Edition



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