Who Was Best Dressed?: American Music Awards 2010

WOW… the AMAs not only brought musical entertainment to the forefront last night, they  provided viewers with some one of a kind fashion statements as celebrities dressed to impress.

Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and many more walked the Nokia Theatre’s red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday night for the American Music Awards.

There is never a dull moment from the fashion perspective when America’s most talented, creative, and imaginative musical artists come together. From black lace to sexy studs, embellished pink floral to fiery deep maroon, and optic-print to sequins, it is confirmed that last night America’s musical wonders explored all areas of fashion.

Every one knows teenage heart-throb Justin Bieber swept the floor for AMA awards last night, but as for the most outrageous outfit, it is a no brainer that Nicki Minaji and Ke$ha take home the golden prize.

Tell us your thoughts!

What did you think about Taylor Swift’s super strait long hair and bold bangs?

How did you feel about Miley’s skin tight number and ultra long train?

Would you ever rock silver studded eyebrows and stand up hair like Ke$ha?

We all know Willow Smith can whip her hair back and forth, but can this talented 9 year old pull off a military inspired outfit paired with baggy boots and gloves?

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2 thoughts on “Who Was Best Dressed?: American Music Awards 2010

  1. Jessica Alba looks classy (as usual!), and I’m loving Katy Perry’s more mature look. I’m not so sure what I think about T. Swift with straight hair…

  2. LOVE T. swift’s new bangs!! I’m so glad she finally switched it up – she’s always beautiful but those bold bangs are perfect for her face and make her look so much more mature

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