Cases on Cases on Cases

Clearly we wouldn’t be caught dead on campus without our laptops, cell phones and iPads but why should we be caught with them looking drab? Almost every popular designer – Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia – and store is featuring various cases to brighten up your technology. What could be a better way to drive away those Monday blues?

simple & chic.
Kate Spade has tons of cases, including this chic black & white case.

Cushion your all too important laptop with some designer envy such as this black white Kate Spade.  While yes your laptop will take on a whole new fabulous persona, it will also last way longer with any kind of protective case to hall back and forth every day.

Floral fun.
Lilly is making class extra cute with its signature floral patterns.

The same goes for your iPad. Any regular nerd can whip out an iPad but it’s exceedingly impressive when that kid happens to be sporting one of spring’s favorite designers Lilly Pulitzer. The bright floral or nautical cases currently on the market are a great excuse to spend that textbook cash you forgot about.

Last but certainly not least, lets not forget our best friend…our phone.  Different cases fit different life styles. For instance this Michael Kors case has slots for credit cards and cash for someone on the go. You can also find cases designed for gym use or extra durability.  Plus since EVERYONE is cellular you have endless options from $10 dollars to $1,000.

Exotic and Bold
Michael Kors promises to turn heads with something a little more exotic to tote your phone in.

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