How It All Started…

Once I start to think about it, I’ve always been interested in fashion.  My mom even tells me stories about when I would suddenly burst out in tears simply because I did not like the dress I was wearing.  I was three.  Luckily I’ve grown out of the crying stage, but the fashion fetish lives on.

While my mom calls me materialistic and my sister just doesn’t quite understand, I truly believe in the self-confidence a flawless outfit can bring.  The beautiful thing about fashion is its versatility: the multifaceted possibilities of one article of clothing can allow.

Fashion requires an open mind – even if something isn’t your particular style, even if you say you would “never wear that” – doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look amazing on someone else.  It’s all about realizing your own personal style and what works for you.

Fashion is what you make it.

For this blog, I chose to delve into the world of fashion designers, writing about everything from up-and-coming to the fashion shows to the classics.  Fashion designers are artists – their canvas is the human body.  The fashion world depends on these creators of couture, and hopefully people will begin to find their ‘new favorites’ or become inspired by these talented tailors.

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